Christian August

1977 Born in Halle / Saale, working and living in Berlin

1998 Foundation of the artist group KLUB7

1999 – 2005 Studies at the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, student of Gerhard Schwarz

since 2006 Freelance artist and member of the artist group KLUB7

„I like to deal with questions like: What is urbanity? What does a vibrant city look like? What does an open and free city feel like? I like to juxtapose the living with the artificial and work with this contrast.“ – Christian August

Christian Augusts work consists in capturing urban changes on canvas. What surrounds him, what he discovers in cityscapes, merges into his paintings. The grey of the house facades is his ground on which the compositions develop processually. The canvas is heavily edited, painted and washed off again, sanded and repainted. Deep, abstract landscapes evolve, in which the viewer finds his own „visual paths“. The fact that Christian August’s paintings are based on his past in Street Art and that they are based on painting from the façade onto the canvas is what makes his painting so special. He has a unique handwriting, which allows associations up to digital structures. His work is exemplary for the influence of street art on contemporary painting.

Selected exhibition

all I want, Galerie Burster, Berlin
Unknown Territory, Galerie Burster, Karlsruhe (s)
Enter Art Fair, with Galerie Burster, Copenhagen, DK
Wild flowers, with René Seifert, Galerie Borssenanger, Chemnitz (duo)
WHERE ARE WE NOW?, 44309 Gallery, Dortmund
new neighbours, Galerie Burster, Berlin

Zugunsten der Gegend, with OFFICE IMPART, Berlin Decks
BRLO Art Bar, Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin (s)
SHINY DIRT, Galerie Burster, Berlin (s)
Presenation together with Susanne Bonowicz at Modulus, Hamburg; with OFFICE IMPART

DISCOVERY 128, Super+Centercourt | OFFICE IMPART, Munich (s)
#1026, with Jorinde Fischer, Galerie Alber, Cologne
BUT DIFFERENT, with Kristiane Kegelmann, Galerie Burster, Berlin
BERLIN PRAHA BARTER, Trafo Gallery, Praha, Czechia
SET FOR THE SUN, Studio Trouble, Berlin
COMING OFF THE WALL 2, Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt, Berlin

RECOVERY, SMAC, Berlin (s)
 DIRTY VOYAGE, Schaufenster, Berlin
COMING OFF THE WALL 1, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin
Monumenta, Pittlerwerke, OFFICE IMPART, Leipzig

VERY NECESSARY, Urban Spree, Berlin (s)

*(s) solo exhibition




Check out the Saleroom with current works of Christian August. For more information contact us.




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