Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy (b.1980, Orange, CA) is an American artist and composer working in a wide range of media including digital painting, animation, VR, websites, installation and sound.

„I make art because it’s the most natural way for me to understand fundamental aspects of being and what it means to be alive on our planet.“

Sara Ludy's practice weaves the everyday into natural and simulated forms through various mediums including animation, 3d, virtual reality, AI, the internet, blockchains, video, sound, installation, painting, sculpture, photography, performance, and expanded media. She combines and collapses mediums to create hybrid forms such as a photo becoming a 3d object, or a 3d object becoming a painting. Through a process of transforming and transcending material boundaries, these forms reflect a world where many physical and virtual boundaries have collapsed.

No matter the material or form of the work, there is an energy she often seeks; an embedded tension and reflection of being in a post-digital world. It’s hyperreal and unstable, uncanny and familiar, sublime and mundane. She experiments with materials to find new forms of this energy through automatic and conceptual processes. The automatic side approaches materials in an experimental and intuitive way, free from any conditions. The conceptual side approaches ideas through philosophical and cosmological contemplations on the way we inhabit space and time.


Selected exhibitions

Health & Wellness, Night Lights Denver, Denver, CO
Close Reading, OFFICE IMPART, Berlin, DE 
SMALL V01CE, Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, CA

Sandbox Mode, Office Impart; Berlin, DE
Chain Reaction, Feral File, Online
Code Chronicles, bitforms gallery, New York, NY

Swimmer’s Canyon, Art Mur, Montréal, QC (s)
/home, Sara Ludy & Niko Princen, Panke Gallery, Berlin, DE (s)
Weather, Mirror Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Screen Strokes, Pequod Co., Mexico City, MEX
Freedom of the Form, Sevil Dolmacı Art Gallery; Istanbul, TR
Digital Baroque: History Meets Algorithm, 4ART, online
Digital Comines, Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Future Fair, via bitforms gallery, New York, NY (s)
Fragments of a Hologram Rose, Feral File, Online
Parfum Liquide, Galerie Galerie, Online
Pieces of Me, Transfer Gallery, Online
Abstract Art in the Age of New Media, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art, Online

Starmesh, 150 Media Stream, Chicago, IL (s)
The Tree of Life,, Online
Well Now WTF?,, Online
Psychic Plumbing, Canary, Los Angeles, CA

Unearth, bitforms gallery, New York, NY (s)
Remodel, Contemporary Arts Center/Strike Anywhere Gallery, Cincinnati, OH (s)
Deeptimesurfacetime,, Online (s)
Topographic Resolutions II, Kuiper Projects, Brisbane, AU
STACKED, Artsakh Paseo, Glendale, CA
CHICAGO NEW MEDIA 1973 – 1992, Ars Electronica, POSTCITY Linz, Austria
Phantom Horizons, Galerie B, City Library, Stuttgart, DE
Between Clouds and Screensavers, Toy Returns, Fremantle, Western Australia

*(s) solo exhibition





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