Benjamin Bernt

1982 Born in Nuremberg, working and living in Berlin
2009 Master-class student, Prof. Daniel Roth
2008 State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe

"In my artistic work I am interested in the depiction of abstract pictorial spaces in which figures are inserted, dissolve or separate themselves from them. The immediacy of the drawing is thereby very important to me.“ – Benjamin Bernt

In his artistic work Benjamin Bernt deals with the human figure and the fictional portrait. Looking at his drawings and paintings, a play begins between foreground and background, between color and forms begins. Silhouettes of heads or figures can be seen in a line, contrasting with those of color fields. His greatest challenge is to capture the fleetingness of the moment. References from art history and literature, but also his own everyday absurdities and psychological states are an essential part of this process. When viewing his paintings, one is challenged to recognize a fictional character in the compositions without prior evaluation. It's precisely the timelessness and sense of deceleration that make his works so elementary for us in these fast-paced times.


2017 Scholarship, Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Foundation
2011 CPH Air, Artist in Residence, Copenhagen, Denmark

Selected exhibitions

Another Day at the Office, OFFICE IMPART, Berlin, DE
Circuit Split, OFFICE IMPART (s)
For Now, Grisebach, Düsseldorf, in cooperation with OFFICE IMPART

Art Brussels, OFFICE IMPART, Brussels, BE
Enter Art Fair, with OFFICE IMPART, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ansbach Contemporary 2020, 3. Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst in Ansbach
INVITED section, Art Brussels, with OFFICE IMPART, Online (postponed to 2021)
Bedeutende Menschen nennen mich ein Kind, with Janne Räisänen, Schwarz Contemporary | OFFICE IMPART, Berlin

Esprit Ecstasy, with Jill Kiddon, HouseFront, Brussels, Belgium
Benjamin Bernt, OFFICE IMPART, Berlin (s)

The Others Art Fair, with OFFICE IMPART, Turin, Italy
Für immer blau, Villa Waldsteige, Duisburg
Heute oder morgen, +DEDE, Berlin

Benjamin Bernt, Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen (s)
097, Real Positive, Cologne
Kleiner von Wiese, Berlin
Was ist schön bitte schön?, Schulzestraße 2, Berlin

you, you, in, out, with Jill Kiddon, Vitamin C, Berlin
Solanum, Projektraum pool, Karlsruhe (s)

*(s) solo exhibition


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