Salomé Chatriot

born 1995, Paris, France
Lives and works between Paris, France and Lausanne, Switzerland

“My work is about a harmony between man and machine. I try to make the machines more delicate, fragile, and sensitive. Let’s just say, if there is a rise of the machine, they will know I am on their side.”

Salomé Chatriot’s artistic work focuses on the creation of physical and virtual spaces: she builds machines and installations where electronic sculptures and digital images coexist. Fascinated by the way science treats the body(s) through the objectivity of data, she uses potential futures and new technologies to shape a fluid, digital and precious identity.

In disagreement with the techno-negative attitude, the ecosystems Chatriot produces always bear the mark of a certain healing. The well-being she wishes to convey often involves the real-time diffusion of organic flows such as breathing, fluid circulation and [al]chemical transformations.
In her artistic creations, the process is as important as the result: experimenting in the manner of a scientist; with rigor and precision. A scientist capable of merging the body, the machine and nature to give shape to hybrid entities drawing the contours of a future era of art where material and virtual creations cohabit and exchange harmoniously.


Selcted Exhibitions

We Empty Ourselves and Accelerate the Hatching, OFFICE IMPART, Berlin (s)
Fragile Ecosystem, Elevation 1049, Gstaad (CH), (Performance)

Calcium Thirst, New Galerie, Paris, (FR)  (s)
Unfinished Camp, The Shed, New York, (NY) curated by HEK invited by Hans-Ulrich Obrist and András Szántó (Performance)
Fragile Ecosystem, Art Basel, Basel, (CH) curated by Gianni Jetzer (Performance)
Art Situacions, curated by Chus Martinez, Madrid/Worldwide
Des Corps Libres, Studio des Acacias with Reiffers Art Initiatives, Paris (FR), curated by Thibaut Wychowanok and Numéro Art
Smells like Strange Design, Etage Projects, Copenhagen (DE)
Moleskine Detour 2.0, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR)
Oh I love Barbie, but I think she’s gotten really bad… She’s so suburban now., New Galerie, Paris (FR)

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe, Frac Corsica (FR)
(Ongoing)Lémaniana, reflets d’autres scènes, Centre d’art Contemporain de Genève, Geneva (CH) curated by Andrea Bellini, Stéphanie Moisdon in Collaboration with Mohamed Almusibli and Jill Gasparina Hypertext Fictions, Bistro21, Leipzig (GE) 

La Totale, Galeria Continua, (FR) Beyond Human, online
6 Acts of Confinement, Friedman Benda, New York, (NY)
Co-22380, Like a Little Disaster (online: Sajetta), Saint Cast le Guildo and Polignano a Mare, (FR) (IT)
Spaced in Lost, online Soleil Vert, New Galerie, Paris, (FR)





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