The  ART+TECH Report continues its exploration of the dynamic interface between art, market, and technology, driven by an independent initiative founded by four Berlin art market actors: Kerstin Gold, Kristina Leipold, Johanna Neuschäffer, and Anne Schwanz. With a shared passion for envisioning future-proof scenarios for the art ecosystem, we embarked on this journey in May 2020 with a concrete intention – to shed light on the profound influence of digitization on a market that has long operated in traditional ways.

In this latest edition, the ART+TECH Report | Digital Art Coll3cting, we take a step forward by exploring the rapidly evolving world of web3 and its impact on the art market. As technology and blockchain revolutionize the way art is created, owned, and experienced, we delve here deep into the buying patterns and collecting motivations of art enthusiasts and Digital Art collectors.






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